A Rare Discovery At the Foot of Cezanne’s Mountain

//A Rare Discovery At the Foot of Cezanne’s Mountain

A Rare Discovery At the Foot of Cezanne’s Mountain

The photos of this winery speak for themselves. During a recent null, we visited an inexplicably picturesque winery located at the foot of Mont Saint-Victoire. These were some of the most beautiful views that Brian and I had seen in Provence so far. Having lived in France for three and a half years, that’s saying a lot! Besides the surroundings, another thing that astonished us besides the surroundings was that we met the FEMALE winemaker of this particular winery. To meet a female vigneron is unusual because France’s wine industry is still very traditional and men dominate the business. Madame Jaqueline Guichot is a rarity, one of the 3 female winemakers in all of Provence. And this is a huge region!

Along with the olive grove lining the long driveway, they also have a sample rows of vines, eighteen in fact, to signs indicated the different grape varieties. We’ve only seen a presentation of vines like this in the States, in the France it is almost unheard of to have a small display several varieties in this manner.

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