A Grape By Any Other Name…

//A Grape By Any Other Name…

A Grape By Any Other Name…

As if the myriad of wine grape varietals isn’t already overwhelming enough, many varietals have other names in different countries. There are thousands of varieties out there but here is a starter list of some common grapes and their international aliases.

Cinsault (France) ——————————> Ottavianello (Italy) & Hermitage (South Africa)

Malbec (worldwide) —————————> Auxerrois/Côt (Cahors, France)

Grenache (worldwide) ————————> Alicante (Italy)

Mourvèdre (worldwide) ———————–> Monastrell (Spain)

Muscadelle (France) ————————–> Tokay (Australia)

Rolle (France) ———————————–> Vermentino/Favorita (Italy)

Petite Sirah (USA) ——————————>Durif (original, named after botanist who discovered the grape)

Pinot Gris (France & USA ) ——————-> Pinot Grigio (Italy & worldwide), Malvoisie (Switzerland)

Pinot Noir (France & worldwide) ————> Spätburgunder (Germany)

Sauvignon Blanc (France & worldwide) —–> Fumé blanc (USA, marketed by Mondavi Winery)

Syrah (worldwide) ——————————-> Shiraz (Australia)

Trebbiano (Italy & worldwide) —————-> Ugni Blanc (France)

Zinfandel (USA) ——————————-> Primitivo (Italy)

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