Are these vineyards?

//Are these vineyards?

Are these vineyards?

Though Germany would seem like the last country to give its vineyards whimsical names, there are dozens of them. Here are the names of a few well-known vineyards.

-Eselshaut: Donkey hide
-Himmelreich: Kingdom of Heaven
-Kalb: Veal
-Schneckenhof: Home of the snails
-Katzenbeisser: The biter of cats
-Lump: Dope; idiot
-Nonnengarten: Nun’s garden
-Saumagen: pig’s stomach
-Spinnennetz: Spiderweb
-Sieben Jungfrauen: Seven virgins
-Ungeheur: Monster
-Zweifelberg: Place of doubt

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