Despite the recession, producers in Provence are experiencing a boom in sales of rosé wine. Provence Wine Concil shows a 28% jump in sales of imported rosé in the US in the past year. The growth in imported rosé eight times steeper than the overall growth of wine sales in the US. People see rosé as an affordable indulgence, which attainable at a reasonable $10-20 a bottle. A thirst is growing for moderately priced dry, light rosé as opposed to more expensive Malbec or Riesling.

The US market is also beginning to appreciate “true rosé wine” which is made from red grape varieties that are pressed after enough skin-to-jice contact gives a pleasing pale pink color. It is an alternative to sweeter pink wines such as white Zinfandel and red-white blush blends. This drier style of rosé currently only represent 1% of US Imports but it is steadily increasing in popularity.

The pink tide is growing, despite the current recession, and  more and more people are calling out for the true rosé. I say, by all means, “Let them drink rosé!”