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All of our private wine tours are done on a customized basis. Your reservation is not finalized until we are able to confirm our specific availability and the availability of the wineries. You should receive a confirmation email once your request is confirmed and reserved.

Once your request is received, we will review it normally within ~48/72  hours and get back to you regarding availability. If you have booked online and we are unable to accommodate your request, we will process a full refund to the card you used to book.


Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

Unfortunately, during the high season, we can only offer full day tours. This is due to the fact that we cannot do two half days back to back, which means a booking locks out our guide for the entire day. If you only have the time for a half day, we can hold the date and let you know when we get closer what the availability looks like. However, I recommend the full day so as to get the best possible experience. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Whether you book directly through the site, or contact us to book, we prefer payment in advance. The payment is made through a secure booking service.

Yes! While they will not join us for the tasting (parents can decide if their child is allowed a sip, though their palettes don’t usually enjoy it) they still have fun discovering the winemaking process. It’s a fun day of exploring and discovery for the whole family. Plus, their tour is free!

We here at Wine in Provence want you to have the best possible experience, and we don’t think that spending your entire day in a car is going to provide that for you. As a result, we tend to recommend closer locations so more time can be used to explore. If you are in Avignon, we are likely to suggest Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and if you’re in Marseille, we like to bring you to Cassis and Bandol. Contact us so we can plan your perfect day.

There are risks involved when travelling internationally. We encourage all of our clients to purchase their own travel insurance to cover any unforeseen events.