Provence is known for making the best rosé in the world and what better way to experience it than with a day dedicated to rosé.

Our Rosé experience starts off with a 20 minute drive along the picturesque Route Cezanne. Take in the breathtaking views of Mount Saint Victoire as we head out to one of our favorite local wineries which is producing some of the best rosé in the region. We’ll stop for a tasting of their wines (we taste white and red wines as well) and a walk amongst the vines where you’ll learn about the grape growing and wine making process.

After our time at the winery, we head to a hidden park at the foot of Mount Saint Victoire where we’ll spread out a blanket and open up two more of our favorite local rosé wines along with some fruit, fresh goat cheese, and baguettes from the markets in Aix for you to sample while taking in the Provençal countryside.

General Information

Price: 120€ per person
Duration: Approximately 4 hours


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[toggle] [toggle_title]Are your packages in English?[/toggle_title] [toggle_content]Yes! WineinProvence specifically caters to English speakers.[/toggle_content] [/toggle]
[toggle] [toggle_title]What should we wear?[/toggle_title] [toggle_content]Our wine packages are casual so we invite you to come dressed in the way you feel most comfortable. For this package, there is a lot of walking on sometimes uneven and slippery surfaces so we recommend good walking shoes.[/toggle_content] [/toggle]
[toggle] [toggle_title]What if I don’t know anything about wine?[/toggle_title] [toggle_content]NOT A PROBLEM! Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is fun and not the least bit intimidating. No matter what your previous knowledge is about wine, we want you to learn, taste, experience, and have fun.[/toggle_content] [/toggle]
[toggle] [toggle_title]Does the price include everything?[/toggle_title] [toggle_content]Yes! The price includes all transportation, wine tasting fees, and food. There are no hidden costs.[/toggle_content] [/toggle]