Wine in Provence Talks Coravin

According to Decanter, Coravin is Changing how we drink wine“. That is a pretty bold statement, drinking wine is something us humans (and cats) have been doing for thousands of years!! But are they right? Will it?


Coravin Photo: Rex Features

The simple answer is, yes of course it will. In fact the way we have imbibed on this gift from the gods has changed over the centuries. We don’t store wine in open stone vats with sea water anymore. In fact, when you think about it a good chunk of technological efforts in the wine industry have gone towards improving the storage of wine. Doesn’t it make sense that the pendulum should swing towards the consumption part?  Personally, I think Coravin is that push.

Thought, surely they could not have meant everyone when the say”we”? There will still be those that shiver when they hear a cork pop or the le clouc-clouc-clouc of the wine pouring in a glass. Yes, there will be less of that, but one could argue that those full-uncorkings will happen more on special occasions. So couldn’t that increase the sentimental factor of those sensations? Let’s face it, we drink wine. We don’t sit around the fireplace discussing GMO’s together. Besides clouc-clouc-clouc, her vocabulary is a bit limited. It’s the people we share her with, is what makes the ‘moment’.  Covariv should make those moments even more enjoyable. It allows us to access to our wine that we would not have had before, in a façon we didn’t have before.

“>I won’t bore you with the technology, but it basically revolves around a needle. And the inventor worked in designing needles for chemotherapy. He got pretty good at making needles apparently. You can read up more about the details at their site.

coravin wine systemReally, the only question that needs to be answered is “does it work”? And from our personal experience and the feedback from others is simple, yes! Sure there are some kinks that will need to be worked on, nothing is perfect. But it works in the sense that it achieved it’s goal…changing the way we drink wine. So, you can look forward to us here at Wine in Provence to incorporate this into our wine experiences in the near future!!

And if you are looking for a great gift for the holiday for someone that has everything, they probably don’t have this. Happy Tasting!!

Coravin 1000 Wine Access System