In the Mendoza province of Argentina, there is an interesting winery called Belasco de Baquedano which offers a unique, new experience for wine lovers. During a tour of the winery, you will find a long, scarlet hallway known as “the Hall of Aromas.” This aroma room is a advant-garde concept of a handful of New World wineries, which helps to explore the olfactory (sense of smell) variation of wine. More than just a novelty, aroma rooms add greatly to the art and appreciation of a tasting. At Belasco’s Aroma room, there are 48 stands against the wall, and with a twist of a level, an intense fragrance is released from a small capsule of oil. Each stand emits a distinctive odor;

butter, geranium, game, and musk are just some of aromas to enjoy. These are not things you may instantly associate with wine but by experiencing the different odors, wine drinkers can better detect the aromas when smelling wine and more clearly perceive the flavors when tasting wine. After visiting “the Hall of Aromas,” there is a challenge to test the knowledge of your nose and you can even receive an aroma diploma!