As if the myriad of wine grape varietals isn’t already overwhelming enough, many varietals have other names in different countries. There are thousands of varieties out there but here is a starter list of some common grapes and their international aliases.

Cinsault (France) ——————————> Ottavianello (Italy) & Hermitage (South Africa)

Malbec (worldwide) —————————> Auxerrois/Côt (Cahors, France)

Grenache (worldwide) ————————> Alicante (Italy)

Mourvèdre (worldwide) ———————–> Monastrell (Spain)

Muscadelle (France) ————————–> Tokay (Australia)

Rolle (France) ———————————–> Vermentino/Favorita (Italy)

Petite Sirah (USA) ——————————>Durif (original, named after botanist who discovered the grape)

Pinot Gris (France & USA ) ——————-> Pinot Grigio (Italy & worldwide), Malvoisie (Switzerland)

Pinot Noir (France & worldwide) ————> Spätburgunder (Germany)

Sauvignon Blanc (France & worldwide) —–> Fumé blanc (USA, marketed by Mondavi Winery)

Syrah (worldwide) ——————————-> Shiraz (Australia)

Trebbiano (Italy & worldwide) —————-> Ugni Blanc (France)

Zinfandel (USA) ——————————-> Primitivo (Italy)