Welcome to Chateau Changjiu Global Beijing!This is spot for a spectacular wine tasting experience in China’s capital that is becoming all the rage. Completed in 2009, Chateau Changiju  (sometimes spelled Changyu) is like a Disneyland Burgundy-style and showcases all things wine, including a working vineyard. Located just outside the city, this faux French estate is complete with turrets, arched windows, a bowling alley, archery course, and a 180 seat movie theater showing Sideways with Mandarin subtitles.

As ridiculous as it sounds, China is investing billions of dollars in building new wineries, hiring foreign enologists, and importing state of the art equipment from France and Germany. The goal? To become a world leader in wine making. This means not only supplying the Chinese population with wine, but also having Chinese wine listed next to the likes of France, Italy, Spain and California on wine menus across the globe!