Bag In Box Rosé


Boxed wine is no longer your grandmother’s boxed wine!

Boxed wine was developed in Australia in the 1970s. The wine inside of the box is stored in a bladder that is not exposed to air, meaning that the wine may last up to a few weeks instead of a few days. When you think of wine in a box, images of cheap and terrible Franzia may come to mind. However, in France, this stigma doesn’t exist. Known as “BIB” (pronounced beeb) which is short for “Bag in Box” (yes, the French use a French accented abbreviation of an English phrase), the French are able to get decent quality wine in boxes- quite the irony considering France’s insistence on tradition in terms of wine production and marketing. Open up a French person’s fridge and you will most likely find a “BIB.” Although Hilary and I don’t serve BIB wine at our tastings, choosing instead higher quality wines, we often enjoy a rosé BIB on hot summer days with friends.