While browsing the shelves for a bottle of wine, you will come across many interesting images on the labels. One can find pictures of dogs, kangaroos, and even a rhinoceros adorning the bottles. These heartwarming or unusual logos are intended to intrigue the buyer, enticing someone to take a second glance and hopefully make a purchase based on the attractiveness or emotional effect of the label. Indeed, it has been proven that wine labels with an animal logo have been more appealing to consumers and tend to increase sales.

However, not all logos display an animal. The most unlikely logo eye-grabber? Baby Jesus. This particularly unusual bottle of wine has been appropriately named the “Vigne de L’Enfant Jésus” which translates to the vine of the Baby Jesus. The blend is exclusive to the firm of Pouchard Père et Fils in Burgundy, France. But why the name and the odd image of the infant messiah? It originated 400 years ago when the vineyard belonged to an order of Carmelite nuns especially devoted to the Infant Jesus. Legend has it that the nuns were so enamored of the wine’s silky texture that they described the taste of the wine this way, it slipped down my throat like the little Lord Jesus dressed in velvet pantaloons. Strangely, Jesus is wearing some sort of royal dress on the label, rather than velvet pants.

If Baby Jesus doesn’t get you to buy a bottle wine, nothing will.