I recently read a shocking article concerning one of France’s most famous vineyards. Romanée-Conti, located in the prestigious Burgundy region, was given a threat saying that their vine stocks would be poisoned if they did not pay a ransom of 1 million euros!

The managers of the estate received a letter in January from the man who promised to spread poison on the vines unless he received the pay-off. Enclosed in the letter was a precise map of the vineyard showing two marked vines that the blackmailer claimed he had already poisoned. Deciding to take the threat seriously, the wine estate alerted the French police and together they hatched a plan to trap the extortionist. They agreed to set up a drop-off of the funds at a cemetery in Burgundy. The man was arrested as he left the village on February 22. He is facing charges of attempted extortion and is expected to appear in court within a year. Thanks to some good detective work, the precious vines of Romanée-Conti are safe.

Romanée-Conti is Burgundy’s most-prized wine and also one of the most expensive wine’s in the world. The vineyard is tiny, only covering 4.5 acres. Only 450 cases are produced per year on average. The price for a case of 8 bottles is $224,900.

You can read the article from ABC News International here.