Everyone who loves red wine has at some point or another suffered from the purple tooth syndrome. In other words, red wine leaves you with unattractive stained teeth that is always an embarrassing feature to see in the mirror after a night out. Everyone’s first instinct to remove the stain is, of course, to brush. Or scrub vigorously! However, I recently learned from a Houston based winemaker and importer, Ryan Levy, about the correct course of action that will protect your pearly whites.

Ryan informed me that brushing your teeth after drinking is a bad idea, in fact, it can be harmful! This is because the acidity in the wine causes your teeth to be more sensitive and brushing will actually start to erode the enamel. Yikes. So he recommends just rinsing the mouth out with water. Rehydrating your mouth is essential as your own saliva is your best defense in neutralizing acid. If possible, eat a piece of cheese in between tastings because that will also neutralize the acid in your mouth. It is important to avoid brushing directly after exposure, but when it is time to brush, use a gentle toothpaste like Sensodyne ProNamel. Sensodyne is actually marketed (notice the label) as a toothpaste that will protect against wine acids.

So remember:

-Swish with water

-Eat cheese

-Avoid brushing immediately after drinking

-Use Sensydene ProNamel toothpaste

It is also important to note that acidity in all wine will wear down tooth enamel, not just red wine, so any wine lover should follow these steps. That way, you can keep teeth healthy through many a wine tastings. Otherwise, you can also drink wine through a straw.