France will be adopted new regulations for the wine industry. The European Union’s new wine regulations have come into force, ushering in a new era for the European wine industry. – aim to modernise the European wine trade and improve its competitiveness in the face of a growing challenge from the New World. This reform has been in the works since 2006 but will fully introduced in 2012.

The new system consists of three categories rather than four, since there will be no category corresponding to VDQS from 2012. Here’s what’s new:

AOP (Appelation d’Origine Protege) -European equivalent on AOC, which means “controlled designation of origin”  wines (and other produce) that follow specific rules of production. This means that EU has protection of quality control. It is NOT replacing the AOC system, but merely enforcing it on a grander scale and making it more accessible and understandable to consumers outside of France.

IGT (Indication Geographique Protegée) Replacing Vin de Pays

Vin de France – replacing Vin de Table (i.e. Table Wine). Most countries have their equivalent of a table wine categorization, so I’m assuming that we will start seeing Vino de España or Vino d’Italia.

grape variety is allowed on wine labels – Hallelujah to all us hopeless foreigners who never know what we are drinking in France! Maybe they’ll even break down the blends for us…but that’s doubtful.