Wine Tours and Wine Tricks!

Wine in Provence is pleased to announce that a new wine package available for the summer season: Rosé Excursion! This afternoon adventure will take you into the heart of the picturesque, Provençal countryside and to the home of the finest rosé in France!

Earlier this week, Brian and I welcomed guests for the first ever rosé excursion! We visited one of the most beautifully located wineries in Provence, situated at the foot of Mont Sainte Victoire. We commenced with a pleasant walk amongst the vines for a chat about the intricacies of grape growing process. Next, we stopped in for a tasting of their wines, sampling the refreshing rosé as well as their white and red wines. Afterwards, our group continued the outing to find a hidden park in the countryside for a light picnic of fruit from the market in Aix, fresh goat cheese, baguettes, and of course, some more rosé!  Brian and I handpicked our favorite local rosé wines to drink in the way rosé is meant to be enjoyed- basking on a blanket in the warmth of the Provençal sunshine.

Aix en Provence Rose Excursion

At this point, Brian noticed a little problem- he neglected to bring a corkscrew! Remembering a vague wine trick about how to open a bottle sans screw, Brian proceeded to take off one of his sneakers. Brian wandered over to a nearby tree and placed his shoe sole to the side of the tree and gently tapped the end of the wine bottle against the shoe. The rest of us crowded around him to watch this farcical attempt. Before our eyes, we watched the cork slowly started to creep out of the bottle neck like magic. Once it was halfway removed, Brian easily pulled out the cork, and voila!, the rosé was served. I think we will start including this rustic wine opening demonstration during all our rosé excursions!