It isn’t often that we encouter extremely friendly and enthusiastic winemakers when visiting vineyards in France. French winemakers, though by no means uninviting, tend to be always be passionately absorbed in their work with the vines or too busy (or just too reserved) to deal with tourists directly. However, we recently met a unique vigneron who breaks the mold!

During our recent visit to a new winery in the the Sainte-Victoire region, we had the pleasure enjoying the company of an energetic, animated winemaker named Thibaut (pronounced “Tibo”). He took it upon himself to personally show us around the grounds, cave, and tasting room. During the tour, we tasted wine directly from the massive, stainless steel tanks, meaning that the wine was not quite finished aging. Later, we had the opportunity to taste of the finished product; whites, reds and roses during a sit down tasting. We were blown away by the fact that this one winery produces FIVE different roses! It is surprising to find two different roses at one winery, let alone five! Each of the five roses are grown in different plots of lands, which account for their dramatic differences.