At a recent “Signature French Wine Tasting,” Hilary and I met up with a delightful young woman from Australia who was saying some very strange things. She would say Shir-AZ when referring to Syrah wine. I wish you could have heard her pronunciation, because the written word does not do it justice. Despite her unique, unforgettable tasting vocabulary, this started an interesting dialogue at our tasting, talking about the difference between Shiraz and Syrah. In fact, believe it or not, Shiraz and Syrah are the EXACT SAME type of wine. In the U.S., France, and some other countries, we prefer to call the wine Syrah, while in Australia (where it is the most popular wine red varietal), they use the word Shiraz. So, it makes sense that this Australian would be confused with our vocabulary. It’s up to you how to pronounce it, best whatever feels best, but just know that it is the same grape!