We had a Signature French Wine Tasting today with two couples from the U.S. and one of the questions they asked us was a question that we are asked at almost every single tasting:

How long does a bottle of wine last after it has been opened?

Air-tight Wine Stopper

Air-tight Wine Stopper

Air acts on wine from the moment the bottle is opened, and although it will not spoil (oxidize) for several days, wine is at its best and freshest when it is first opened. The exception to this is with some stronger red wines that are best to drink after some time being decanted. If you know you cannot finish a bottle of wine in one sitting, re-cork it as soon as possible.

Red wine is not to be chilled, whereas white and rose wines should be refrigerated. All can last up to five days, but the sooner you finish it, the better. With each passing day the wine will taste a little flatter for having been open. I prefer finishing off a previously opened bottle by day three.

A suggestion that we give to our guests is to invest in airtight stoppers (pictured). You may have seen these at some restaurants or wine bars before. Basically, it vacuums the air out with a few quick pumps, giving your wine an extra day or so of life after opening it.