We know it’s a stereotype and a cliche of French culture, but they are just so darn good and fun to make. This summer, crepes have been one of the most requested desserts by our Market Day Cooking Class guests.

Recently we had the Segal family from Vancouver, Canada join us. The trip was an 80th birthday celebration for grandpa…who is, in fact, originally from France. We had some fun speaking a little bit in French with him!

With the Segals we made Crepes Suzette, which is basically crepes with no fruit filling but is instead cooked in a citrus sauce (and often times mixed with Grand-Marnier). With our cooking classes there is no getting out of the “hard work” as everyone got a chance at flipping their own crepe. No crepes landed on the floor, which was a success for us, but a disappointment for Hilary’s dog who was anxiously waiting for the slightest mistake.