This past week, I had a group of women who decided to leave their men at the hotel and join me for our Market Day Cooking Class. It worked out perfectly because Brian was out of the country for the week, making it truly an all female affair. One of the most exciting things about what we do is giving people the chance to meet fellow travelers. For this group, we had women from both the east and west coasts of the United States.

Ladies Lunch - Market Day Cooking Class

In this post, I wanted to highlight one of our favorite recipes that we’ve learned from Chef Caroline: Vanilla Salmon Tartar.

This dish is unique in that you don’t actually cook the salmon in the traditional way (oven, grill, etc.). The acid from the lemon and the shallots lightly cook the salmon and with the addition of the fresh vanilla beans makes this dish both refreshing and delicious.

We’ve added the recipe below for you to enjoy at home.

Vanilla Salmon Tartar Recipe


Fresh salmon filet: 0.640 Kg
Schalotts: 0.150 Kg
Sea salt: Pinch
Fresh ground pepper: pinch
Lemon: 3
Vanilla beans: 2 Beans
Olive oil: dash


1 – Start by skinning the fish and removing the bones.
2 – Dice the fish into small pieces (1/4 inch cubes). The smaller your slices are, the more they will cook.
3 – Peel the shallots, and chop them thinly.
4 – Cut the vanilla beans in half the long way and scrape out all the “seeds” with the back of a knife.
5 – Juice the lemons and take out the seeds.
6 – Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
7 – Leave out for a minimum of 1 hour  or 1h30 in the fridge.