Recently Brian and I hosted a Signature French Wine Tasting with two friendly couples from Virginia, one of whom even owns their own vineyard called Democracy Vineyards. As you may have guessed from the winery’s name, Susan and Jim are both very much into politics (they used to work as lobbyists in Washington, DC). In this season of their life, they have combined patriotism with their love of wine and viticulture and keep busy in Virginia choosing which vines to plant, deciding the layout of the winery, making the wine themselves, and of course, coming up with all of the marketing.

It was interesting discussing the differences between French and American wines and how opposite the two industries are in terms of both wine making and marketing. This is a subject that we talk about often at our tastings. From the differences in tasting room culture to the different ways that bottles are labeled, the confusion can quickly become overwhelming. More than simply teaching people how to taste wine, Brian and I attempt to demystify the world of French wine, one guest at a time. Come join us!