Aix en Provence and rosé wine…truly a match made in heaven. We love showing off these two gems to our clients. Now add the word Festival to those two things and you’ve got what is probably one of my favorite days of the year!

This rosé festival was set up in one of the most charming squares of Aix en Provence Place des Trois Ormeaux (3 Elm Trees Square…aptly named due to the, you guessed it, 3 elm trees on the square) about a 15 second stroll from the market square. This charming square has one of the best fountains in Aix that the nearby restaurant, L’Epicerie, uses to chill its champagne and rosé on hot days. The event was actually hosted by L’Epicerie to showcase local wines and entice visitors to their wine and gourmet food shop located on the square as well.

15 local wineries were represented, mostly from right around Aix en Provence, but a few coming from further Provence villages such as Hyères, but still producing classic Provençal rosé.

For those that have never been to a wine festival before, it is truly an experience. You receive a glass at the beginning (sometimes for a small fee, depending on the festival) and then you’re free to stroll around and sample the different wines as you wish. Most often, the person pouring the wine is the winemaker him or herself! It’s a great way to ask questions and find out the true history of the wine.

One of the reasons I just love rosé is the diverse colors that you can get. From the lightest of pinks that almost looks like water, to deep dark pinks that can easily be confused for a light red, and everything in between! The whole spectrum of rosé flavors was present at this festival and it was a true showcase of why Provence is truly the world’s leading producer of rosé wine.

We’re enjoying the summer while it lasts and looking forward to fall’s festival….Provençal Reds!