When the world’s largest online cruise resource asked Wine in Provence for help putting together a guide for cruise passengers that would prefer a more intimate Provence wine tour experience, we happily agreed. We spent the day with senior editors of Cruise Critic (a subsidiary of TripAdvisor) sharing some of our perspective and advice and allowed them to see firsthand the possibilities for cruisers whether they are docked in Marseille or Toulon. We are honored that we were able to contribute to put together this wonderful resource and hope our fellow travellers find it helpful.

” Wine in Provence… An American [company] based in Aix-en-Provence, runs private wine tours for groups and individuals throughout the region, working with cruise passengers in Marseilles, Nice and Toulon

So if you are on a cruise coming into Provence this year and are looking for a private, more intimate wine tour instead of large bus tour offered by the cruise, check it out!

Taking a Provence Wine Tour from Cruise Ports in the South of France