Some of our favorite people in all of Aix are the owners of the wonderful Savelli cheese shop right in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, just two steps from the market square. When I was in the shop a few days ago, they were so excited to see me (more so than usual!) and I soon learned why as they produced a copy of the local newspaper “La Provence.”

On one of the inside pages is a HUGE color photo of yours truly during the local wine festival held every year in Aix to celebrate the local wines. As you can see I am inspecting the bottle of wine ever so carefully, but this was taken after numerous tastings already so it’s unclear if I am actually reading anything or just faking it.

But here is the greatest part about this story. This newspaper is from 2012 and talks about the 2012 festival. The photo of me. Yup, it’s from 2011!  We know this because the photo also features the Katherine on the  left who worked for us last year. I like to think that they so loved my photo that they kept it around for use another year, but my guess is that the newspaper’s photographer was so enjoying the wine festival himself this year that he forgot to take any photos!