Some may picture wine caves in dark basements or underneath tasting rooms, but the one I sat in yesterday was a little different. Hilary has her very own clothing decorated, temperature not quite controlled, wine cave closet. I like to believe that she has placed her wine collection in here for a reason; no one would guess that this location holds exquisite dust covered French, Italian, and American wines.

As Hilary organized the inventory of wines on an Excel spreadsheet in the living room, I yelled them out from the floor of the closet…more like screamed the winery names out because I was so excited by every bottle she had! Some may have thought of this task as being more of a chore, but every bottle I pulled out was yet another reminder as to why I love this industry. Each bottle was made with hands that have their own story and Hilary and her husband, Dominic, purchased each bottle amidst another story. I’ll go through their wine cave closet any time!

It should be noted that the wine cave in the main photo is NOT what our wine cave looks like. It is actually the original wine cave that the Popes used in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Join us for a null and you too can check out this 14th century marvel.