I recently went on a lavender scouting trip because we are hoping to incorporate a “Lavender & Wine” tour to these famous French fields next season! We wanted to scope it out and see if it would be a worthwhile excursion to take our clients on- which, of course, we found that it was! We chose to visit Valensole, the world’s capital for lavender, located just under one hour from Aix-en-Provence. We piled some friends in the car to jet off for a gorgeous day in the countryside. What we didn’t expect was to see the stunning sunflower fields, as well. We had a bit of excitement (more like a scare) when during our photo session in the fields we heard some noise behind us. When we turned around to look, we saw an enormous tractor heading right towards us! The local farmers were beginning the harvest that day and we saw this large machine coming towards us. We also realized that we had parked the car right in it’s path, so we rushed back to move it before the tractor trampled our mode of transportation. Shortly afterward we said goodbye to the lavender…at least until next year when we can hopefully bring some of you!

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